Image of hops growing on a vine

Hop-Heads Unite!

Beer StyleBrewery #1Brewery #2Additional Collaborating BreweriesBeer Name
100% Colorado Pale AleCrystal Springs Copper KettleColorado Smash
American Pale AleBootstrapCannonball CreekHopsteiner (sponsor)Of Course They Made A Pale Ale
Belgian Hazy IPAMirror ImageKnuckle PucGnomosapien
Carbon IPAUpslopeVision QuestMidnight Pizza
Cold Black IPASteepSyndicateExtreme Terrain
Cold IPAWestFaxUrban AnimalI-25 Fling
Cold IPAThe PostRock Bottom DenverBrewer Nightmares
Cold IPAJagged MountainOur Mutual FriendStation 26, Cerveceria Colorado, Bierstadt, SpangalangStuck Mashies
Cold IPACohesion Hop Butcher For The World__other_option__
Cold IPA with Alora hops Something FlyteCoI Call Top Bunk
Colorado Pilsner with New Zealand Hops / Colorado Pilsner brewed with thiolized yeast and New Zealand hopsTommyknocker Fritz Family BrewersContenental Pils / Lunarized Pils
Dad Style IPAMainStageCraftsmanThrow some C’s in that Batch
Dry Hopped Czech Lager w TeaRed SwingPeaks N PinesPeaks N Swings
Dry Hopped Pilsner105 WestBattle MountainBattle Bear
Fruited IPAGreat DivideDry DockHopricot
Hazy IPAOdd 13 StreetsideUpside Down, Downside Up
Hazy IPANovel StrandCall to ArmsT.C.O.B.
Hoppy HellesElevationJagged MountainWestbound & Down, Primitive Beer, Broken Compass, Station 26, Cheluna, Cohesion, ProstParty Laps
Hoppy Kölsch6 and 40 WestFax Green Mountain Beer, Old 121 Brewhouse, Landlocked Ales, Great Frontier BrewingRiparian Dreams
Hoppy KölschStorm Peak RoadhouseRoy Farms Hops (sponsor)Andy's Bellybutton Tricks
Hoppy LagerStorm Peak Broken CompassHideaway Park, Telluride, Mountain Tap, Stillwest, Roadhouse/MelvinKeg Rodeo
Hoppy LagerColorado Beer MediaFossilCollabosaurus Rex: A Mediazoic Lager
Milkshake IPA without LactoseLoveland Salt RoadCitrus Dream Milkshake IPA
Pale LagerGreen MountainOver YonderSpace Oddity
Red Wheat Citrus IPA Odyssey DieboltWheat Dreams (are made of these)
Session Hazy IPACabin Creek Crafted MFG (sponsor)Sultans of Leap
Triple West Coast IPARamblebineWestFaxUpstream From The Heard
Unfiltered Czech Hoppy BeerCohesion Novel StrandPRAHAHA
West Coast Cold IPAOskar BluesCigar CityLoose Jorts
West Coast DIPAUrban AnimalWiley RootsWiley Animal
West Coast DIPATelluride La CumbreSnorkeling in the San Juans
West Coast Double IPA / Hazy Double IPAOver YonderKnotted Root Scents / Subtle Sounds
West Coast IPALiquid MechanicsBeachwood West Coast Cartel
West Coast IPACannonball CreekGrains of WrathReap The Whirlwind
West Coast IPAOdell (Five Points)Bright EyeFive Point Lookout IPA
West Coast IPACrystal Springs GravityAcross The Rails
West Coast IPASka Santa FeHopsteiner (sponsor)Route 666
West Coast PilsJoyride Westbound & DownPredestined Pils
West Coast PilsnerRails EndChelunaComradeBackseat Freestyle