Welcome Beer

CBG Board of Directors makes a dry-hoppped rice lager. Photo Credit: 4 Noses Brewing The Rice & Crispy Treat – A Dry-Hopped Rice Lager When you walk into Collaboration Fest, a number of eager and friendly faces will greet you with a welcome beer in hand. That beer, called The Rice & Crispy Treat, is […]

Forgotten Styles

Mythmaker Brewing x Snowbank Brewing make a rye kvass with everything bagels Forgotten & Uncommon Beer Styles So you think you’ve tried all of the beer styles? What about a Landbier? Kvass? No need to travel across the globe to try these unique styles. Collaboration Fest will feature some of the more unknown and uncommon […]

Lagers: The Brewer’s Breakfast

Ska Brewing x Cannonball Creek Brewing make a West Coast Pilsner Lagers: The Brewer’s Breakfast Lagers are known as the brewer’s beers. Brewers find them fun and challenging to make as they tend to be cleaner, crispier, and lower ABV. As Dave Bergen of Joyride Brewing said when talking about lagers, “It’s no secret that […]

Monk Approved?

Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery x Steeplejack Brewing Co make a mushroom saison. Photo credit: Ryan Cox Monk Approved? Ever wondered what it would be like to mix a Belgian Trappist inspired ale with a “I’ll wait in line for that” one-off wonder? This year at Collab Fest several breweries are doing just that, mixing beloved […]

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Old 121 Brewhouse x Banded Oak Brewing make an AI beer. Photo credit: Ryan Cox Everything But the Kitchen Sink… Collaboration Fest is an opportunity for brewers to get creative and let their imaginations run wild. In the past, this has created some well-known and loved beers like Oskar Blues’s award winning Death by Coconut, […]

Beer Flavored Beers

Odell Brewing Five Points Brewhouse X Roadhouse Brewing Co. Photo credit: Colorado Beer Guy Beer Flavored Beers Do you like beer flavored beer? Are fruited pastry sour stouts not your thing? Collaboration Fest gets a lot of attention for its fun, weird, and crazy ingredients and beers. But for those who want to drink a […]

Hops! Hops! Hops!

Photo credit: The Brewtography Project Hops! Hops! Hops! Hop-Heads Unite! We all know IPAs are king in craft beer and Collaboration Fest is no different. This year we have almost 40 hoppy collaborations for all of our hop heads to try. Some are traditional IPAs, others are trending-in with Cold IPAs or thiolizing them (is […]

What the heck are thiols?

What the heck are thiols? Wynkoop Brewing, Mirror Image Brewing, & Fermly Labs – Imperial Hazy IPA collaboration day So you’ve been hearing about thiols or thiolized beers or thiolized yeast but you have no idea what these words mean or how it impacts your beers. We asked John from Inland Island Yeast Labs to […]