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Looking for some more mainstream beers to try at Collab Fest? Here’s your go-to list of one-off traditional-style beers to try!

Brewery #1Brewery #2Additional Collaborating BreweriesBeer NameBeer Style
Vicious CycleBase CampSmutterCream Ale
Hello BrewStreetsideRoot Shoot Malting (sponsor)Chit ChatChit Czech-Style Pilsner
Eddyline ElevationDown Valley PilsnerBohemian Pilsner
Old 121Banded OakTake It Easy GrampsHeritage American Light Lager
6 and 40 WestFax Green Mountain Beer, Old 121 Brewhouse, Landlocked Ales, Great Frontier BrewingRiparian DreamsHoppy Kölsch
Launch PadNine Spot Sales Rep by Day, Movie Star by NightWest Coast Cream Ale
Verboten Ent Credit Union (sponsor)No Drama Llama LagerAmber Lager
Loveland Neighborhood CollabRock Coast, VerbotenNew Zealand Pilsner
Storm Peak RoadhouseRoy Farms Hops (sponsor)Andy's Bellybutton TricksHoppy Kolsch
Storm Peak Broken CompassHideaway Park, Telluride, Mountain Tap, Stillwest, Roadhouse/MelvinKeg RodeoHoppy Lager
Barrels & Bottles SeedstockDon't Trip On The OatsOated Lager
Seedstock ProstPolotmavý 13*PPolotmavý
Prost Moor'sIndie Hops (sponsor)KolschKolsch
Glenwood Canyon MainstageLagers Are Cool Again, right? Right?Helles Bock
Glenwood CanyonSecond DawnAlba Succosa (Juicy Dawn)Italian Pilsner
FlyteCoOn Tap Credit Union (sponsor)Member the Good Ole DaysKölsch
RenegadeRaicesOlde EspecialMalt Liquor
105 WestBattle MountainBattle BearDry Hopped Pilsner
Tres LitrosBeyond The MountainSan YamaJapanese Rice Lager
Horse & DragonZweiSnowbankFort Collins Class of 2014 CollabItalian Pilsner
Burns FamilyDieboltCottonwood CommonColorado Common
Odell (Five Points)BaereBaerely Buzzin'Rice Lager
Wibby Left HandCommon GroundColorado Common
HighsideOdysseySultana Super High Five Imperial HapposhuImperial Happoshu / Rice Lager
Holidaily The EmpouriumSeasoned StemsAle
Mirror ImageFermly (sponsor)This is a TributeCalifornia Common
Rails EndChelunaComradeBackseat FreestyleWest Coast Pilsner
Joyride Westbound & DownPredestined PilsWest Coast Pils