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LocationBrewery #1Brewery #2 (and others)Beer NameBeer Style
Legacy105 West BrewingThe Elizabeth Brewing CompanyCalm Your TipsBlackberry Spruce Tip Amber Ale
Welcome Beer4 Noses Brewing CompanyJoyride Brewing Company, Elevation Beer Company, Broken Compass, Prost Brewing Company, Bierstadt, Station 26 Brewing Company, Primitive Beer, Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery, Hopsteiner (sponsor), Propagate Lab (sponsor), Root Shoot Malting (sponsor)The Rice & Crispy TreatDry-Hopped Rice Lager
Westminster6 and 40 BreweryBarquentine Brewing CompanyDouble Dragons Beat ‘Em Up AleBarrel-Aged Imperial Blonde
Westminster6 and 40 BreweryWestFax Brewing Company, Landlocked Ales, Old 121 Brewhouse, Green Mountain Beer Company, Great Frontier Brewing CompanyParfet St BluesSour Patch Kids Sour Ale
LegacyA Bit Twisted BrewpubThe Elizabeth Brewing Company40 Hop VirginHazy IPA
LegacyA Bit Twisted BrewpubPub Pass (sponsor)Pub Pass Pistachio PilsnerPilsner
WestminsterAngry James BreweryDillon Dam Brewery, Inland Island Yeast Laboratories (sponsor)Local NectarWest Coast IPA with Wildflower Honey
WestminsterAngry James BreweryLocavore Beer Workspřátelé pivaCzech Pilsner
LegacyBaere Brewing CompanyMockery Brewing Mocking Baered Ep. 8: A Bunch of Soda JerksExperimental
LegacyBarrels & Bottles BreweryOCC BrewingMonk By DayBelgian Pilsner
LegacyBarrels & Bottles BreweryMojave Brewing Company (NV)Stems & CapsAmerican Light Lager brewed with oyster mushroom blend
LegacyBent Barley Brewing CompanyWynkoop Brewing CompanyRoasted ChestNut Brown AleNut Brown Ale
LegacyBent Barley Brewing CompanyRotating Tap Comedy (sponsor)This Beer Tastes Funny!Coffee Blonde Ale
WestminsterBlack Forest Brewing CompanyLost Way Brewery (NE)CONE IPAAmerican IPA
WestminsterBroken CompassAngry James Brewery, Outer Range Brewing CompanyMountain GoatsOatmeal Stout
WestminsterBroken Compass Tres LitrosLet it RyedRed Rye IPA
WestminsterBruz BeersSka Brewing CoBelgian MohawkSoured Belgian Wit with Meyer Lemon
LegacyBURLY Brewing CompanyDads of Castle Rock (sponsor), Colorado Beer GuyDoCR StoutDandelion, Oat, & Chocolate Rye Stout
LegacyCabin Creek BrewingSoulcraft BrewingEpisode 1: The Phantasm Menace Thiolized Hazy Pale Ale
WestminsterCannonball Creek Brewing CompanyHeritage BBQ and Brewing Company (CA)Swiss Trail PaleWest Coast Pale Ale
LegacyCapitol Creek BreweryGlenwood Canyon Brewing CoParty'ovascular Italian Pilsner
LegacyCellar West Artisan AlesLa Cumbre Brewing (NM)Convoy LagerFranconian Lager
LegacyChain Reaction BrewingCoal Mine Ave Brewing Experimental Sour
WestminsterCheluna Brewing Company Dry Dock Brewing CoSuper KölschFruited Kölsch
LegacyCohesion Brewing CompanyMonday Night Brewing (GA)Dub 12°Polotmavý Ležák
WestminsterCrystal Springs Brewing CompanyRiver North BreweryFruited Blonde Ale
LegacyDanico Brewing CompanyJade Mountain Brewery & TeahouseBlue Sour Double IPA with Coconut and Pineapple
LegacyDanico Brewing CompanyUrsula BreweryYe Olde Birch BeerBirch Beer Inspired Sour Ale
LegacyDenver Beer Company - LowryEl Rancho ColoradoBazoom!Banana Hazy IPA
LegacyDenver Beer Company - Platte St.Steep Brewing and Coffee CompanyPumpernickel is My Safe WordImperial Rye Stout with Coffee & Caraway Seeds
WestminsterDownhill BrewingLos Dos Potrillos Cervecería, Barnett & Son Brewing Co.Jam or Jelly?Donut Brown Ale
LegacyEddyline BrewingSyndicate Brewing CoDouble IPA
LegacyEl Rancho ColoradoBarnett & Son Brewing CoStar Party Snow CladModern Pale Ale
LegacyGlenwood Canyon Brewing CoCraftsman Brew CoBubblenauticsGrodziskie
LegacyGravity BrewingGuanella Pass Brewing CompanyPorch PickleCucumber Sour
LegacyGreat Divide Brewing CoBurns Family Artisan Ales, Hopsteiner (sponsor)Willkommen! (Welcome!)Nouveau Kölsch
WestminsterGreat Divide Brewing CoBoneyard Beer (OR)Great BonesWest Coast IPA
WestminsterGreat Divide Brewing CoRatio Beerworks, River North Brewery, Howdy Beer, Odell Brewing Company Five Points Brewhouse, Inland Island Yeast Laboratories (sponsor)Strong Like RiNoBelgian Strong Ale
WestminsterGreat Divide Brewing CoDry Dock Brewing CoThe Denver-Aurora ConnectorDry-Hopped West Coast IPA
LegacyHello Brew CoWild Provisions Beer ProjectA Wild HelloIPA and Saison Blend
LegacyHolidaily Brewing CoPhantom Canyon Brewing CompanyGluten Tag / Gluten (Free) TagCoffee Vienna Lager / Gluten-Free Coffee Vienna Lager
LegacyHolidaily Brewing CoBuck Wild Brewing (CA)Slam Dunk Mint Cookie StoutGluten Free Pastry Stout
WestminsterIron Mule BrewerySix Capital BrewingThe Mystic Six IronBarrel Aged Braggot
LegacyJade Mountain Brewery & TeahouseWeldwerks Brewing CoPlum BlossomMochi Sour Ale brewed with Preserved Chinese Plums
LegacyJagged Mountain Craft BrewerySteeplejack Brewing Co (OR)Fungi ForagerMushroom Saison
LegacyJagged Mountain Craft BreweryVicious Cycle BrewingTHICCSorbet Sour
WestminsterJoyride Brewing CompanyCall to Arms Brewing CompanyThat’s Why I Make the Medium BucksHazy IPA
WestminsterJoyride Brewing CompanyWestbound & Down Brewing CompanyThe Cold Man’s MoneyDouble Cold IPA
WestminsterLeft Hand Brewing CompanyBruz BeersCzech Your CoconutDark Czech Lager with Coconut
WestminsterLiquid Mechanics Brewing CoEl Segundo Brewing Co (CA)West Coast CartelWest Coast IPA
LegacyLiving the Dream Brewing CoNew Terrain Brewing CoChef's CoastWest Coast IPA with Botanicals
LegacyLiving the Dream Brewing CoPayette Brewing Co (ID)Three Monks Walk Into an ApiaryBelgian Tripel with Local Wildflower Honey
WestminsterLone Tree Brewing CompanyPlatt Park Brewing CoThunder ThiolzTriple IPA
WestminsterLos Dos Potrillos CerveceríaRiver North BreweryFather FigureImperial Thiolized Pilsner
WestminsterLoveland AleworksWiley Roots Brewing CompanyFluffernutterPastry Stout
WestminsterMainStage Brewing CompanyCrystal Springs Brewing CompanyFYK IPAThiolized West Coast IPA with Grapefruit
WestminsterMirror Image Brewing CoMountain Cowboy BrewingSgt Pepper's Lonely Strawberry Club BandFruit Beer: Strawberry with Pepper
WestminsterMobCraft BeerRaices Brewing Company, Cheluna Brewing Company Los Tres Homies / TBD / Cariño (Honey)Hoppy Mexican Lager / Cactus Witbier / Specialty Ale with Lulo & Honey
WestminsterMountain Toad BrewingSmiling Toad BreweryToad LikkerChocolate Orange Imperial IPA
LegacyMythmaker BrewingOutworld BrewingVal-Hell-YeahHoney Heather Norwegian Kornøl
LegacyNew Image Brewing CompanyOffset Bier (UT)Blizzard of hhAAApsCryo Fresh Hop West Coast Pilsner
LegacyNew Image Brewing CompanyCerebral BrewingCryogenic LuauCryo Fresh Hop Hazy West Coast IPA
LegacyNew Terrain Brewing CoFritz Family BrewersPresto PilsItalian Pilsner
LegacyNovel Strand Brewing CompanyColorado Beer MediaUNNAMED SOURCESUnfiltered Hoppy Beer
LegacyNovel Strand Brewing CompanyCohesion Brewing CompanyOld School 10°Altbier
LegacyOdd13 BrewingStreetside Brewing (OH)Enigmatic EddieNEDIPA
WestminsterOdell Brewing Company Five Points BrewhouseRoadhouse Brewing Company (WY)Whoopsiedoodle IPAAmerican IPA
WestminsterOdell Brewing Company Five Points BrewhouseStorm Peak Brewing CompanyCGX FilesJuicy Double IPA
WestminsterOdell Brewing Company Sloan's Lake Brewhouse4 Noses Brewing Company, Root Shoot Malting (sponsor)Conjunct Experimental Pale AlePale Ale
WestminsterOdell Brewing Company Sloan's Lake BrewhouseResolute Brewing CompanyMaizebock / Tech DeckImperial Mexican Lager / Experimental IPA
WestminsterOdyssey BeerwerksLaunch Pad BreweryDon't Stir the Tanks!Czech Pilsner
WestminsterOld 121 BrewhouseRamblebine Brewing CoNegro MoleoChocolate Mole Baltic Porter
WestminsterOld 121 BrewhouseBanded Oak Brewing CoThe Bots Made Us Do ItWellness Beer
LegacyOskar Blues BreweryVail Brewing CompanyAlligator LizardsDouble Cosmic New England Style IPA
LegacyOskar Blues BreweryWasatch Brew Pub (UT)Lima Salada GrandeImperial Lime Salted Pilsner
LegacyOur Mutual Friend Brewing CompanyElevation Beer CompanyHalf Extent / Full ExtentBelgian Double / Belgian Quad brewed with maple syrup and sugar maple wood spirals
LegacyOuter Range Brewing CompanyPerennial Artisan Ales (MO), Hopsteiner (sponsor)Collab CallHazy IPA
WestminsterPeak View BrewingLCB (Local Craft Beer) (CA)Purple CloudsDouble Hazy IPA with Blueberries
WestminsterPeak View BrewingKodiac BrewingSquid Marks / Towelie's High DiveJapanese Rice Lager with Black Squid Ink / Farmhouse Dry-Hopped with Lemon Drop
WestminsterPeculier AlesCall to Arms Brewing CompanyCareless PilsnerHoppy Pilsner
LegacyPhantom Canyon Brewing CompanyOCC BrewingMy Brothers Keeper / Hey! AmburanaBiere de Garde / Amburana-Aged Biere de Garde
LegacyPikes Peak Brewing CoHopsteiner (sponsor)Mountain of the SunAmerican Pale Ale
LegacyPrimitive BeerPurpose Brewing and CellarsPrimitive with PurposeBarrel-Aged Sour Blend
LegacyPrimitive BeerNovel Strand Brewing CompanyJewish Space LaserSponTEAneous Sparkles
WestminsterProst Brewing CompanySeedstock Brewing CompanyBaltic Porter / Kölsch
WestminsterProst Brewing CompanyStation 26 Brewing CompanyLandbier (Keller Style Amber Lager)
LegacyPurpose Brewing and CellarsHello Brew CoIntentional GreetingsRice Lager with Sake Yeast
WestminsterRamblebine Brewing CompanyBase Camp Beer WorksTakes Two to MangoD’Agave barrel aged sour with mango and tajin
WestminsterRatio BeerworksBeachwood Brewing (CA)Proportional ContributionWest Coast IPA
WestminsterRed Swing BrewhouseLaunch Pad BreweryMatcha WitBelgian Wit
WestminsterResolute BrewingInland Island Yeast Laboratories (sponsor)Saison DuCrushSaison/Lager
WestminsterRockyard Brewing CompanyIron Mule BreweryMezek PivoCzech Amber Lager
WestminsterRockyard Brewing CompanyFair Winds Brewing Company (VA)Purple Denim IPAWest Coast Style IPA w/ Butterfly Pea Flowers
LegacyRule 105 BrewingVicious Cycle BrewingVicious GrealityBelgian Blonde Ale
LegacySanitas Brewing CoSunroom BrewingCheers From Englewood Cold IPA
WestminsterSix Capital BrewingTwo22 BrewShitake BockShitake Mushroom and Nori Doppelbock
WestminsterSka Brewing CoCannonball Creek Brewing CompanyWest Coast Pilsner
LegacySnowbank Brewing CompanyMythmaker BrewingIt's Pronounced "Bayg-Ale"Everything Bagel Rye Kvass
LegacySnowbank Brewing CompanyPeace Tree Brewing (IA)Molasses MadnessMolasses Brown Ale
LegacySomething BreweryFlyteCo Brewing King Kong Ain’t Got Nothing on Me!Banana Cinnamon Wafer Ale
LegacySomething BreweryBull Horn BrewingThe Syndicate of WizardsDark Cherry, Almond, & Yogurt Kettle Sour
LegacySpangalang BreweryBlack Shirt BrewingFive Points FarmhouseSaison
WestminsterStorm Peak Brewing CompanyStillWest Brewery & Grill (WY)The Ghost of Paulie Chestnuts / You and IPAChestnut Amber Lager / West Coast IPA
LegacyStrange Craft Beer CompanyGuanella Pass Brewing CompanyCorner BoyzMalt Liquor
LegacyStrange Craft Beer CompanyFreetail Brewing Company (TX), Brieux Carré Brewing Co. (LA)Mittel MénagementHoppy Lager
LegacySunroom BrewingOver Yonder BrewingOver the Sunny Phantasm FallsPhantasm Lager
LegacyTelluride Brewing CoLive Slow BrewingLong Time ComingWest Coast IPA brewed with Thiolized Yeast
LegacyThe Post Brewing CoBootstrap BrewingRye-PunRye Lager
LegacyThe Very Nice Brewing CompanyBJ’s Brewhouse Boulder Brewers PromPorter Weisse
WestminsterTimnath BeerwerksRock Cut Brewing CoSideways to Helles / Lock, Stock, and Two Bourbon Barrels / Bring Your Barleywine to Work DayHelles aged on pressed Mourvedre grape skins / Blended Barrel Aged Beer / American Barleywine
LegacyTommyknocker BreweryGrüvi, Sustainable Beverage TechnologiesSummer PilsNon-Alc Citrus Italian Pilsner
LegacyTommyknocker BreweryCyprez Brewery (Mexico)Baltic Porter / Mexican-OLE!Baltic Porter / Baltic Porter with Cocoa from Oaxaca, Mexico and Mole
LegacyUhl's Brewing CoUpslope Brewing CoI Pink AUnfiltered Hazy DDH Pink IPA
LegacyVail Brewing CompanyBelleflower Brewing Co (ME)Wicked ClambakeNEIPA
WestminsterVerboten Brewing and Barrel ProjectLiquid Mechanics Brewing CoMuncherweinMunichwine
WestminsterVerboten Brewing and Barrel ProjectPeculier AlesTaste the BiscuitBarrel-Aged Barleywine
WestminsterWestFax Brewing CompanyPlatt Park Brewing CoMaibock
LegacyWild Provisions Beer ProjectUpslope Brewing Co, Uhl's Brewing CoTank HeistHoppy Dark Lager
WestminsterWoods Boss Brewing CompanyFiction Beer CompanyGone WalkaboutAustralian Sparkling Ale
WestminsterWynkoop Brewing CoMirror Image Brewing Co, Fermly: Craft Beer Laboratory (sponsor)Colfax HipsterImperial Hazy IPA