Finnish Sahti brew day
Mythmaker & Odell Sloans Lake make a Finnish Sahti Beer for Collab Fest

Forgotten & Uncommon Beer Styles

So you think you’ve tried all of the beer styles?

What about a Kotbusser? Zoigl? Kristalweizen? Finnish Sahti? Polotmavý ?

No need to travel across the globe to try these unique styles. Collaboration Fest will feature some of the more unknown and uncommon beer styles from across the globe. Join us and sample these unique beer styles on March 30th! 

Stories are told by the brewers


Style description: 

A strong, rich, and very malty German lager that can have both pale and dark variants. The darker versions have more richly-developed, deeper malt flavors, while the paler versions have slightly more hops and dryness. Reference: BJCP

Breweries: 105 West & Dads of Castle Rock (sponsor)

Beer: DoCR/CBG Manhattan Doppelbock

Beer Story: 105 West is a gratuity free brewery and all cash left gets donated to charity and DOCR does a lot of community outreach and fundraisers for the people in our town. 


Style description: 

A style indigenous to the Dortmund industrial region, light to medium gold in color. Balance and smoothness are the hallmarks of this style. It has the malt profile of a Helles, the hop character of a Pils, and is slightly stronger than both. Reference: BJCP

Breweries: Woods Boss & Something Brewing

Beer: Dortmunder

Beer Story: Wanted to appeal to the masses and try something that was out of the ordinary for us, something so traditional!

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Finnish Sahti

Style description: 

Sahti is a Finnish style of farmhouse ale, brewed by Finnish farmers for their own consumption over many, many centuries.

Today, sahti is still quite widely brewed out in the Finnish countryside, both on farms and in ordinary private homes. It’s impossible to say exactly how many brewers there are, but there are certainly many hundreds of them, spread out in a broad belt that runs from Finland’s western coast through the center of the country. Its hazy, opaque body ranges in color from deep yellow to brown. Reference: Craft Beer & Brewing

Breweries: Odell Sloans Lake & Mythmaker Brewing

Finnish Sahti brew day


Style description: 

What is Kottbusser?

Kottbusser is said to be a cousin of the grand family of “white beers” due to the use of wheat malt. Supposedly named after the town Kötbuss in Germany, Kottbusser is a golden-colored ale brewed with wheat, oats and barley, a healthy addition of noble hops to create a floral bouquet in the aroma and honey and molasses to add more fermentable sugar and a bit of subtle complexity. But what sets Kottbusser apart from other wheat-based German beer styles, like hefeweizen, is the clean fermenting yeast. Reference: American Homebrewer Association

Breweries: A Bit Twisted & Lariat Lodge Brewing

Beer: Strawberry Bussy

A bit twisted and lariat lodge collaboration brew day


Style description: A filtered version of a Hefeweizen, showcasing a bright and clear body that ranges from pale straw to light amber in color. The overall character will be cleaner and softer on the palate, and the typical banana and phenols will be more subtle. Reference: Beer Adovocate

Breweries: Wynkoop & 6 and 40 Brewing

Beer: Shiny Metal Objects

kristalweizen collab brew day with Wynkoop and 6 and 40 Brewing

Munichwine (Barrel Aged)

Style description: Munichwine it is a barleywine made with a high percentage of German Munich malts. The toasty Munich malts develop a deeply complex rustic bread, almond & cherry cordial character. Reference link

Breweries: Verboten & Liquid Mechanics Brewing

Beer: Double Barrel-Aged Muncherwein

Beer Story: A unique variation of barleywine made with Munich malts. Kind of a cross between a Doppelbock and an English Barleywine. A collaboration we had to do with our good friends from Liquid Mechanics!

Verboten and Liquid Mechanics collaboration Munichwine brew


Style description: The Czech Amber Lager (Polotmavý which translates to half dark) is a malt driven amber lager with variable hop character. 

Breweries: Prost & Seedstock Brewing

Beer: Polotmavý  13*P

Beer Story:  With this collaboration the brewers wanted to showcase the capabilities of the new Prost Brewing – Northglenn location by using endosperm mashing, open fermentation, natural carbonation, and membrane filtration for a Czech Lager.

Brew day at Prost brewing


Style description: A dunkelweizen made with rye rather than wheat, but with a greater body and light finishing hops. Weizen yeast provides distinctive banana esters and clove phenols. Reference: BJCP

Breweries: Wild Blue Yonder & Barquentine Brewing

Beer: As Far As The Rye Can Sea

Beer Story: Both brewers enjoy rye beers, and you don’t see them very often, so we thought we could use this opportunity to present one to a crowd that likes to try new things. Fun and interesting brews are half of what Collab Fest is all about, right? The other half, the interconnectedness of our industry, leads to why we chose to collaborate. When Kyle opened Barquentine, I was hired on to help with front of house, and since then, Kyle has been very helpful in my brewing career. This just made sense.

Adding hops to the boil kettle


Style description:

Zoigl is a bottom-fermented beer (‘ein untergäriges Bier’), which is brewed according to traditional methods in five towns in the Oberpfalz, a region located in the east of the German state of Bavaria, adjacent to its border with the Czech Republic. Zoigl has been brewed for over 500 years, with its secrets handed down through families. Reference: zoigl.de

Breweries: Bierstadt Lagerhaus & Lone Tree Brewing

Beer: Zymurgy Zoigl

Beer Story: Zoigl is a type of German beer brewed in the Oberpfalz, eastern Bavaria, between Franconia and the Czech Republic.

The name is believed to be derived from a Windischeschenbacher dialect pronunciation of the German word zeigen or Zeichen meaning “”sign””, the symbol used to advertise that the beer is available at an establishment.

Lone Tree’s Head brewer and Bierstadt’s owner Bill have a long history as friends and former coworkers. This beer brings two friends together to create a beer they both enjoy.

📸 Photo credit Nikki A. Rae photography.

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