Mythmaker Brewing x Snowbank Brewing make a rye kvass with everything bagels

Forgotten & Uncommon Beer Styles

So you think you’ve tried all of the beer styles? What about a Landbier? Kvass? No need to travel across the globe to try these unique styles. Collaboration Fest will feature some of the more unknown and uncommon beer styles from across the globe. Join us and sample these unique beer styles on March 25th! 

Click each style below to learn more and who’s making them.

Stories are told by the brewers.

Style description: Native to Düsseldorf Germany, this is an ale with very balanced hop & malt flavors. Alt translates to “old”, which gives a nod to a region that did not readily take to lagering.

Breweries: Novel Strand Brewing Company x Cohesion Brewing Company

Beer: Old School 10° – Altbier

Story: Our friends at Novel Strand take dedicated approach to the altbier style that we wanted to try to brew with some of our Czech lager techniques. A single decoction, our custom base malt, Czech and German hops, plus an open fermentation added some fun wrinkles to this “old school” style of beer. Light chocolate notes with a bready malt base keep this easy drinking beer full of flavor.

Style description: Inspired by the California Common & Cream Ale here in the U.S., this light effervescent ale is Australia’s only unique beer style.

Breweries: Woods Boss Brewing Company x Fiction Beer Company

Beer: Gone Walkabout – Australian Sparkling Ale

Story: We wanted to make something super clean and traditional and something that neither of us had done before. Bam! Australian Sparkling Ale! Some of us had been to Australia before and remembered this style fondly and its one that you don’t generally run across here in the Colorado.

Style description: French origins, translates to “Beer for Keeping”. This collab is also aged on Brazilian Amburana beans, a legume imparting cinnamon & baking spice characteristics.

Breweries: Phantom Canyon Brewing Company x OCC Brewing

Beer: My Brothers Keeper / Hey! Amburana – Biere de Garde / Amburana-Aged Biere de Garde (2 versions)

Story: The brewers at OCC Brewing and Phantom Canyon are friends who share a love for Belgian styles of beer and in the spirit of experimentation decided to work together to produce a beautiful blonde Biere de Garde.

Style description: Beer & mead’s glorious love-child. It unites the best of both classics into one honey beer.

Breweries: Iron Mule Brewery x Six Capital Brewing

Beer: The Mystic Six Iron – Barrel Aged Braggot

Story: Cooking, brewing and Whiskey are all passions at Iron Mule Brewing and Six Capital Brewing. It is this passion that brought these two breweries together and helped us bring this recipe together.

Style description: Wheat-centric, earthy, woody and with a smokey finish, this eastern european style is sometimes referred to as “Polish Champagne”.

Breweries: Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co x Craftsman Brew Co

Beer: Bubblenautics – Grodziskie

Story: Eric Metzger (formerly of Casey Brewing Company) joined Craftsman just before the new year. We are in constant collaboration with Eric, but thought we’d better do a special beer neither of us had ever done.

Style description: Pronounced “lond-beer”, this keller-style amber lager descriptor is more of a nod to a beer being local and artisanal rather than to a specific style.

Breweries: Prost Brewing Company x Station 26 Brewing Company

Beer: Landbier

Story: In Germany, Landbier simply means country beer or beer of the land. Here in Colorado we hope it means a delicious German inspired lager. Malty sweet with a balanced bitterness, reminiscent of festbier/marzen but unique to this particular collaboration.
This beer is made from the oldest German malting barley variety Isaria, which was officially approved for the beer production in 1924. Landbier… basically translates to “beer of the land”. Since one of our more popular beers is our marzen, Station 26 was kind enough to brew a keller style marzenbier or amber colored lager to represent our “bier of the land”. The result of this endeavor was a unfiltered deep golden/amber colored lager with rocky and lasting off white foam.”

Style description: A barleywine made with a high percentage of German Munich malts.

Breweries: Verboten Brewing and Barrel Project x Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co

Beer: Muncherwein – Munichwine

Story: Coming together with brewing friends to make something unique. Using the same techniques to make a high alcohol barleywine, we decided to use mostly Munich malts to create a “Munichwine”

Style description: A “raw” (unboiled) farmhouse ale traditionally made with juniper from faraway countryside in Western Norway.

Breweries: Mythmaker Brewing x Outworld Brewing

Beer: Val-Hell-Yeah – Honey Heather Norwegian Kornøl

Story: Norwegian Kornøl is a type of Norwegian Farmhouse Ale brewed with corn and juniper. It is a “raw ale” meaning it will not be boiled prior to fermentation. Local honey is added to bump up the alcohol percentage and to round out the grainy mouthfeel, juniper flavors, floral heather flower flavors, and tropical flavors from the kviek yeast. Mythmaker and Outworld decided to brew together because they share a love for historical beers and putting a new spin on them.

Style description: Translates roughly to “half-dark”, this is a Czech-Style Amber Lager.

Breweries: Cohesion Brewing Company x Monday Night Brewing (GA)

Beer: Dub 12° – Polotmavý Ležák

Story: This beer was a continued exploration of Czech lager styles, but in the spirit of collaboration, we added a twist. Polotmavý Ležák is the Amber lager style in Czechia, and we brewed a classic base example of this beer then aged it on medium toast French Oak to add some complexity to the brew. Double decocted and brewed with Colorado grown malt, this beer has some rich caramel, bready notes with a pleasant oaky finish.

Style description: Porter + German wheat beer (think Hefeweizen, Weizenbock or Wit beer… with a Porter!)

Breweries: The Very Nice Brewing Company x BJ’s Brewhouse Boulder

Beer: Brewers Prom – Porter Weisse

Story: Both breweries have not brewed a Porter Weisse to date and thought it would be a unique offering in a sea of IPAs.

Style description: Low ABV, slightly sour and of Slavic origin, Kvass is commonly made from rye bread or flour and flavored with mint or fruits. Likely accidentally originating from spontaneously fermented mixtures of water and rye bread.

Breweries: Snowbank Brewing Company x Mythmaker Brewing

Beer: It’s Pronounced “Bayg-Ale” – Everything Bagel Rye Kvass

Story: The everything bagel beer was inspired by several hours of brainstorming from brewers who like bad ideas. Once we realized it was actually a good idea, we got together again to find a way to make it work.