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Hops! Hops! Hops!

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Beer: 40 Hop Virgin – Hazy IPA

Story: We wanted to make something crazy and hazy! So why not a hazy IPA with more than 40 different hops in it!

Beer: Local Nectar – West Coast IPA (brewed with wildflower honey)

Story: This is a neighborhood collar with Dillon Dam right up the street from Angry James. A.J., the owner of Angry James, used to work at Dillon Dam and became good friends with the current brewer, J.J. Miles years ago. Basically, the conversation was, ‘Hey J.J. when are we going to do a DAM collaboration?’ No pun intended.

Beer: CONE IPA – American IPA

Story: This collaboration began a few years ago when an owner of Lost Way Brewery was on orders to Colorado Springs and needed a place to workout and enjoy craft beer. He found Black Forest Brewing Company and the crew of Crossfit RailStop to be the perfect community to hang out with while away from his family and friends in Nebraska. Now returned home after what seemed like a never ending extension process, both brewhouses are teaming up to release a crisp IPA with YCH Veterans Blend and Nebraska grown Chinook.

Beer: Let it Ryed – Red Rye IPA

Story: One of the Broken Compass beertenders, Benjie, has a jamming band named Blue River Grass that was playing Tres Litros and he suggested a collab. The rest is history!

Beer: Swiss Trail PaleWest Coast Pale Ale

Story: There is a long history of hoppy collaborations between Cannonball Creek and Mike Aubuchon. Mike was the head brewer at Pizza Port Carlsbad for many years and now runs the show at Heritage Barbecue and Beer. Collaboration fest was the perfect excuse for these old friends and like- minded brewers to create another hop forward and highly drinkable beer at Mike’s new stomping grounds.

What: Episode 1: The Phantasm Menace – Thiolized Hazy Pale Ale

Story: This beer is the first collaboration brew between Cabin Creek Brewing (Georgetown, CO) and Soulcraft Brewing (Salida, CO) and marks the return of our former head brewer and now Soulcraft brewer, Michael Kida. This brew will be the first attempt at brewing a thiolized beer for both breweries. We are excited to welcome new and familiar faces to the brewery to dive into a new and developing area of brewing science.

What: Blue Sour Double IPA with Coconut and Pineapple

Story: Nicole Harwood, co-owner of Danico Brewing Company has been obsessed with Jade Mountain since trying their tea infused beers in November 2021, and so when she, along with co-owner Dave Lotierzo, opened Danico they knew they wanted to collab with Sean Guerrero and Jade Mountain. Combining the traditional American pub style of brewer Chris Kennedy with the highly experimental and ingredient driven Sean Guerrero resulted in the blending of a hazy Double IPA brewed by Chris at Danico with a blue sour with pineapple and coconut brewed at Jade Mountain by Sean. It is a true collaboration of two wildly different brewers merging two wildly different styles to create something unique.

What: Bazoom! – Banana Hazy IPA

Story: We love bananas! and we love the banana flavors from weiss yeast (isoamyl acetate) We also love hops! So what if we made a modern Hazy IPA brewed with Bananza yeast that pronounces those delicious banana flavors?
Bazooom! We have a Banana Hazy brewed with Strata and Cryo Hallertau Blanc hops.
Soft and juicy w/ a nice punch of Banana.

Beer: Double IPA

Story: Eddyline and Syndicate share a similar vision of making great beers and enjoying the great outdoors.

Beer: Star Party Snow Clad – Modern Pale Ale

Story: What if Ken Grossman was a 21 year old vaping hype brewer? This modern take on a classic American Pale Ale is brewed with a thiolized Chico Ale yeast and brewed with massive amounts of Cascade and BRU-1 Lupomax hops. Tropical fruity hop flavors and intensely drinkable.

Beer: The Denver-Aurora Connector – Dry-Hopped West Coast IPA

Story: Denver first production brewery and Aurora’s first brewery teamed up to brew a sessionable dry-hopped West Coast IPA featuring Idaho 7, Strata & Citra hops.

Beer: Great Bones – Dry West Coast IPA

Story: This is the 2nd time Boneyard and Great Divide have collaborated for this festival. Boneyard head brewer, Tony Rau, used to be the head brewer at Great Divide and there are some additional connections. For this brew, we’re playing off of our two classic West Coast IPAs—Titan & RPM—and brewing a super dry IPA featuring Chinook, Riwaka, Citra, Pacific Sunrise & Idaho 7 hops.

Beer: A Wild HelloIPA and Saison Blend

Story: We decided to take a beer that Wild Provisions has produced and mindfully brew a West Coast IPA to blend with their Saison.

Beer: That’s Why I Make the Medium BucksHazy IPA

Story: Joyride and CTA are not only close in proximity, but they have the same opening date as well, only one year apart (Joyride opened on 7/16/14 and CTA opened 7/16/15). Both breweries always enjoy playing with new hops and hop products, and they decided to brew a hazy IPA that would focus on unnamed, experimental hops and try to use cryo forms of those hops whenever possible. For this project, they’ll be focusing on HBC 630 and HBC 586.

Beer: The Old Man’s MoneyCold Double IPA

Story: Joyride and Westbound & Down have been collaborating for years, in fact, this project is their 7th collab together! Their mutual love of west-coast IPA has led them to further investigate the world of Cold IPA, this time turning it up and making a batch that’s Double Cold. Strata, Simcoe cryo, Waimea, Mosaic Incognito, and Columbus cryo are just some of the goods added to this hoppy delight.

Beer: West Coast Cartel – West Coast IPA

Story: West Coast Cartel is a series of IPAs brewed in collaboration with some of the best West Coast IPA brewers in the country. This iteration with El Segundo is dry hopped with El Dorado, Simcoe, Mosaic Cryo and Nelson Sauvin Cryo.

Beer: Chef’s Coast IPA – West Coast IPA with Botanicals

Story: Both New Terrain and Living the Dream are known for very traditional styles with a blend of fun and unique flavors or ingredients. When we started talking about Collab Fest we thought a super old school West Coast IPA was a great canvas to play around with fun hop and yeast combinations. We wanted to jazz it up a bit thought with the addition of Green Peppercorn, Rosemary, and Marjoram. A great blend of Citrus, Pine Resin, and Botanicals

Beer: Thunder Thiolz – Triple IPA

Story: These two breweries have had a long lasting friendship but have never collaborated before. Both teams wanted to experiment with thiolized yeast which extenuates the intense juicy, tropical flavors and aromas from a hop forward IPA. This beer does just that with a triple punch of hops, flavor, and aromas with a kick.

What: FYK IPA – Thiolized West Coast IPA with Grapefruit

Story: We’re bringing back an IPA trend of yesteryear (the Grapefruit IPA, you remember that one right?) and combining it with a brand new thiolized yeast strain – Star Party. Will we blast off into a new dimension of fresh squeezed passionfruit and ripe grapefruit juice, with a classic, dry west-coast body? The answer can be found at the 2023 Collaboration Fest.

What: Toad Likker Chocolate Orange Imperial IPA – Imperial IPA

Story: We are collaborating because of course – two Toads! This Imperial IPA was inspired by those chocolate oranges often given as gifts around the holidays. With orange zest, orange-forward hops, and Voss Kveik yeast, as well as honey malt, chocolate malt and cacao, this big IPA is a chocolate orange in a glass.

What: Cryogenic Luau – Cryo Fresh Hop Hazy West Coast IPA

Story: We have a LOT in common with our friends at Cerebral, from our passion for brewing to our desire to improve the world around us, we’re never short on topics for long and thoughtful conversation. Among our many common interests, we share a knack for the cutting edge, so when the opportunity to blur style boundaries while experimenting with a brand new fresh hop product, we knew we couldn’t say no. We brewed our IPA to combine some of our favorite qualities from both hazy and west coast origins, constructed with hand selected Citra and Simcoe, dosed with Mosaic Incognito and finished with Peacherine and Cryo 301 Simcoe. With the dry and distinctive finish of a west coast IPA, combined with the dry hop saturated nose and mouthfeel of a hazy, this tropical fruit bomb is bursting from the glass with every sip.

What: Enigmatic Eddie – NEDIPA

Story: Sam of Odd13 is great friends with Garrett of Streetside. When it came time nail down collaborators for 2023 Collab Fest, Streetside was a no brainer and a NEDIPA was even more clear. Only one downside, this beer may have come from The Upside Down….

What: CGX Files – Juicy Double IPA

Story: Friends reunited! When friend and former OBC team member Kevin Kutras offered OBC and SPBC the chance to use some cool new hops, we couldn’t say no. Featuring newly created Strata CGX from Indie Hops, this beer should be a tasty new foray into flavor town.

Beer: Whoopsiedoodle IPA – American IPA

Story: We like their beer, they like ours. They said, “hey would you like to collab sometime?”  Then we said, “yeah! we should collab for THE CBG collab fest!” Then we high fived.

What: Experimental Pale Ale

Story: We enjoy making all styles of beer, so we thought it appropriate to brew one together.

What: Tech Deck – Experimental IPA

Story: Cold IPA? Hazy? West Coast? A little bit of everything? Yes! “Tech Deck” is an experimental IPA brewed with floor-malted pilsner malt from Leopold Bros and malted oats. Hopped with HBC 1019 along with cryo chinook, cryo simcoe, and citra lupomax. Fermented extra cold kolsch yeast for clean crisp hop flavor. Expect notes of tropical life savers, mango coconut parfait, and citrus laced nugs.

Beer: Alligator Lizards – Double Cosmic New England Style IPA

Story: We decided to use the Thiol producing Cosmic Punch yeast and Phantasm powder and an all star hop load to unlock intense tropical and citrus aromas and flavors in this Double Cosmic NEIPA. The collaboration was born between a deep connection to Garrett and Juice’s Maine upbringing. Just a couple of kids from Southern Maine brewing Dank NEIPA’s in CO.

Beer: Collab CallHazy IPA

Story: Outer Range Brewing Co. and Perennial Artisan Ales have admired each other’s work for years. When Hopsteiner reached out to work with these two renowned breweries to collaborate on a beer to showcase some new and exciting hop varieties, it seemed like a perfect match-up, bringing together some of the best in the industry to work together on a unique and flavor packed new beer.

Beer: Purple CloudsDouble Hazy IPA with Blueberries

Story: Head Brewer for Peak View, Shane Vine, grew up in Tehachapi California. LCB has become a very popular brewery based out of Tehachapi specializing in Hazy IPAs.

Beer: Proportional Contribution – West Coast IPA

Story: Long story short this beer is just about getting the chance to make a beer we want to drink with my homies. There’s really nothing better than making beer with friends.

Beer: Purple Denim IPAWest Coast Style IPA w/ Butterfly Pea Flowers

Story: This IPA is a twist on Fair Winds’ flagship IPA, Howling Gale. We’re adding butterfly pea flower in the whirlpool and dry hop phase to give this IPA a purple hue.

Beer: Cheers From EnglewoodCold IPA

Story: Sanitas Brewing Company and Sunroom Brewing have joined together to celebrate building community and crafting great beers in Englewood, CO. As the city of Englewood has continued to grow over the years, both teams knew it was missing the essential Colorado craft beer culture. As two breweries to open in the last year in Englewood, we have joined forces to celebrate with a collaboration brew. Cheers From Englewood Cold IPA has an assertive bitterness paired with a bold, clean finish. A sessionable brew to kick back and enjoy with friends Englewood.

Beer: You and IPA – West Coast IPA

Story: Stillwest loves Storm Peak loves Stillwest! Friends re-reunite for another collab, this time in Steamboat to showcase some cool new hops from Roy Farms in Yakima. We can all look forward to finding out more about what these unnamed ADHA varieties bring to a beer

What: Long Time Coming – West Coast IPA brewed with Thiolized yeast

Story: The story that really kicks it off for Telluride Brewing and Alan at Live Slow comes from the Colorado Brewers Rendezvous in Salida about 10 years ago. Our Co-Founder Tommy and Art Director John were working the fest when a belligerent attendee stole our banner. John asked for it back and the guy punched him! John had to go to the hospital and Alan helped pack up all their gear. Over the years since we have all bonded over our love of solid craft beer and bluegrass music. This collaboration is long overdue! STOKED to celebrate the opening of Live Slow Brewing!

What: I Pink A – Unfiltered Hazy DDH Pink IPA

Story: We decided to play with color and came up with a plan to make a pink unfiltered hazy IPA that should have the color and look of Strawberry Nesquik. In addition to the color we decided to use berry and strawberry forward hops. So we selected Belma, Cryo-Pop, HBC-630 and Wai-iti to be used in the kettle and dry hopping. We achieved the unique color with a combination of a light sprinkling of hibiscus leaves and beet powder. I Pink A

What: Wicked Clambake – NEIPA

Story: We came together with a love for NEIPA’s and our connection to New England. Garrett Scahiill (Vail Brewing Co.), Ian Little (previously with Lone Pine Brewing in Portland), and Zach Page and Nick Bonadies (Co-Owners of Belleflower Brewing and previously with Trillium Brewing).

Beer: Colfax Hipster – Imperial Hazy IPA

Story: A thiolized IPA to compete with the aroma of the vape haze lingering in the beard or wide-brimmed felt hat from the show at Red Rocks last night. If this beer was a car, it would be a Toyota Tacoma with a “NATIVE” sticker, dirty from the last snowfall but won’t get washed because it looks like they drove it in the mountains, when in reality the only thing it summited was that pile of snow in the warehouse beer parking lot, on the way to pick up another hype beer. In an effort to understand the rampant presence of Carhartt plaids and North Face Fleeces on the longest street in America, a scientific approach to the creation of this much-touted beer style was necessary. Putting their brewery beanies together, Mirror Image and Wynkoop, along with brewing laboratory Fermly, have collaborated to create Colfax Hipster.