BIG Beers & Sours

mashing out

BIG BEERS & SOURS Mixed Culture, Barrel aged, Brett and Brisket. Wait, Brisket? Yes you read that right, A Bit Twisted and Monolith Brewing made a beer with smoked brisket this year reemphasizing the fact that Collab Fest is where creativity knows NO bounds!

European Biers

prost and seedstock collab

Looking for Some Traditional European Bier Styles? From Czech to French, and Belgian to Finnish, and don’t forget the beloved staples from Germany, this year’s beer lineup at Collab Fest truly has something for everyone.

Hop-Heads Unite!

Image of hops growing on a vine

Hop-Heads Unite!  We all know IPAs are king in craft beer and Collaboration Fest is no different.This year we have 39 brand new hoppy beers for you to try! Some are traditional IPAs, others are trending-in with Cold, Thiolized, West Coast, oodles of doubles, and some hopped up traditional European lagers! The beer lineup at the […]

Weird Beers!

Beet and oyster mushroom beer at collab fest

Oyster Mushroom & Beet Blonde Ale only at Collab Fest on March 30th Think you’ve tried some off-the-wall beers? The list below is impressive, it might even intimidate. However you see it, you’re going to want to add these WEIRD beers to your Collab Fest plan!  The teams at Fiction Beer & Two22 brewed up […]

Beer Flavored Beer

Pouring a beer

Beer Flavored Beer Copyright Nikki A. Rae 2024 Looking for some more mainstream beers to try at Collab Fest? Here’s your go-to list of one-off traditional-style beers to try!

Welcome Beer

Colorado Brewers Guild Board of Directors

CBG Board of Directors makes a Helles with Alora hops from Hopsteiner. Welcome Beer: Party Laps! Have you ever gone to a beer fest & were handed a beer the second you step through the door? At Collab Fest we take beer very seriously. So seriously, that our Board of Directors gets together each year to […]